Early Risers

Long before sunrise our bakers are on duty preparing your daily bread.

All our white bread is made (the sponge and dough process) from mixer to oven taking 24 hours giving a unique texture and flavour.

Our healthy brown breads, hovis, wholemeal, harvester, and our latest best-selling multiseed loaf, full of a variety of seeds, are firm favourites with our customers.

Arriving shortly after the bread team, our pastry cooks and confectioners start producing the finest variety of savoury products, an endless variety of sweet confectionery, cream cakes and sandwiches. These are delivered daily to the shops bright and early in the mornings.

Training our Craft Bakers

Generations of skilled staff have continually trained their teams to take great pride in creating each item by hand with care and attention from start to finish. Their love of the craft, together with dedication, means that we maintain a reputation for quality products which always taste scrumptious.


Over the years we've accepted many national awards for our bakery products and customer service. A few of the awards we have won include 'Independent Baker of the Year', 'Catering Baker of the Year', 'Marketing Award of the Year' and finalists for 'Craft Baker of the Year'.