Bakery ingredients and equipment

We use quality local ingredients sourced within 20 miles of our main bakery in Wrexham

We strongly believe in the importance of supporting the local community and use local suppliers wherever possible to support local businesses and keep the food miles down. The fresh vegetables in our pasties are local, and all of our beef, lamb & pork is sourced from local farmers within 20 miles of our bakery in Wrexham. Similarly our suppliers of milk, dairy cream and free range eggs are local.

Offering you the full range of breads, pastries, confectionery, sandwiches, cream cakes, celebration cakes and savouries and pies baked fresh in the shop. Our bread is hand crafted daily, with all our white loaves made using the ‘Sponge and Dough’ method, the start of the 24 hour slow fermentation we use to make all our breads to enhance the flavours. All of our chocolate lines are made with Belgian chocolate & we always use real butter, not margarine.